The Late John Bownds


Win CASIE III: Computer Aided Search Information Exchange

What is Win CASIE III?

Win CASIE III (WC3) is a toolkit designed for incident commanders conducting searches. This Search And Rescue Management software is free and is co-authored by the late John M. Bownds, Michael J. Ebersole, David Lovelock, Daniel J. O'Connor, and Richard J. Toman. It runs under Windows XP, Vista, and W7, provided the free .NET Framework Version 1.1 or higher is installed.

What can Win CASIE III Do?

During a Route and Location Search, which is the usual type of search conducted during the initial response phase of the incident, WC3 can

During an Area Search, WC3 can

Mailing List

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DOS Version of CASIE

The DOS version of CASIE III can be found at